This makeup was inspired by the vivid colors of the parrots who were stars of the photoshooting. As a first step I wanted to focus on the perfect foundation. The aim was to create a porcelain-like face. In case I need a foundation that has a high coverage and also perfect for sensitive skin I always use LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Teint Fluid.  The eyes were really emphatic, the blue and green aquacolor makeup was fixed by the eyeshadows from my Paris Berlin palette . To make it really special I put some glitter on from the same color as the eyeshadows were . However we did not stop here .To get the wet look I put on some transparent lipgloss  on the glitters. This was the most difficult part of the makeup because as I tried to disperse the lipgloss the glitters started to move. So finally I put the lipgloss with my fingers on the eyelid with careful movements. The lips were painted also with aquacolor makeup fixed by the same transparent lipgloss from MAC.


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