Star Wars first began conquering during the 80’s and perhaps not even the directors knew that they’re making a cult classic. And so, 37 years after the release of the original, you’d think that the Star Wars craze would have disappeared by now – but that’s not the case, especially since the release of Episode VII. You can barely find a store which doesn’t sell some kind of Star Wars merchandise, and the fashion industry is no exception. Princess Leia’s hairstyle has always been iconic as clearly shown by our model. In our day-and-age. no piece of clothing from any film is unobtainable – and I don’t mean some basic T-shirts – the fans, the not-fans and also the people who just want to ride the „fashion-wave” ( these people usually don’t even know who Chewbacca is, but they can be seen wearing him on a piece of clothing because that’s what’s „cool’ at the moment) can choose from an ever growing selection of clothes. Also, this isn’t just the golden age of Star Wars, but also the golden age of comic heroes. The past few years have seen many comics adapted into films and so the stories of Spiderman, the Avengers, and Superman are now known to a much bigger audience than they were before. One of the central pieces of this shoot is a bag which was designed by USE bag, which clearly demonstrates how diverse comic book art can be, and that the heroes can also look good on pieces of clothing, and not just when printed on paper.

USE bag


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